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Earle Eidenire started playing saxophone when he
was 12, and began learning jazz at the
University of Miami's Summer Music Camp in 1975.
In 1977 Earle attended Florida State University and
studied with Patrick Meighan, and Bill Kennedy.

He has performed with Bruce Saunders, Mike Gerber,
Eddie Daniels, Phil Sampson, Tim Mayer, Markus Gottschlich, Jim Gasior, Rodner Padilla, and many others.

He has recorded jingles for TV and Radio.

He Plays:
Yamaha Soprano with Dukoff D7 Mouthpiece,
Selmer MK VI Alto with Dukoff D7 Mouthpiece,
Selmer MK VI Tenor with Jody Jazz DV 7* Mouthpiece,
Vito Baritone Sax with Berg Larsen 110,

and Yamaha Flute

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